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Re: Why no Maquis flashbacks?

I knew he didn't use his telepathy in the story, but I just assumed the writer randomly picked a species without remembering that the bugger had been telepathic... Suder is mentioned by kashaak in Counterpoint as someone they would like to detain which seems off if he's a telepathic eunuch.

SUDER: I already told you why I killed him, Lieutenant.
TUVOK: You didn't like the way he looked at you.
SUDER: Right.
TUVOK: Just how did he look at you?
SUDER: Like a lot of people in Starfleet do.
TUVOK: So this murder could in fact be explained as an outburst of rage against Starfleet.
SUDER: Look, if that's how you want to look at this.
TUVOK: I want the truth.
SUDER: I don't like Starfleet, I won't deny that, but
SUDER: I have killed people who weren't in Starfleet for the same reason. I did not like the way they looked at me. I've thought about killing you, Lieutenant.
TUVOK: In my case, you have a motive. My previous mission as a spy, my role as your accuser. But to my knowledge, Crewman Darwin had done nothing to you.
SUDER: That's true.
TUVOK: Then why chose him as a victim?
SUDER: I don't know.
TUVOK: Do you feel remorse?
SUDER: I don't seem to feel anything at all. Most Betazoids can sense other people's emotions. I can't even sense my own. So what's going to happen to me now?
TUVOK: I'll have to discuss that with the Captain.
SUDER: I know what I'd do if I were her. Guess I'm lucky. The Federation doesn't execute people.
(Tuvok leaves, and almost gets to the turbolift before he turns and goes back again.)
TUVOK: It is important that I understand why you killed Mister Darwin.
SUDER: I wish I could help you, Lieutenant.
TUVOK: You can. And indirectly I may be able to help you as well. Do you know what a mind meld is?
SUDER: It's that Vulcan thing where you grab someone's head.
TUVOK: We would be telepathically linked, exchanging our thoughts. In essence, becoming one mind.
SUDER: One mind? You and me? I wouldn't recommend that, Lieutenant.
TUVOK: It is not without risk, but as a Vulcan I have internal processes that allow me to control violent instincts. I believe I will be able to suppress whatever feelings I draw from you.
SUDER: And how will I be helped by all this?
TUVOK: It is likely that you will gain, at least for a time, some of my self discipline to better control your violent nature.
SUDER: What do I have to do?
TUVOK: Release the forcefield.
(Ayala draws his phaser then releases the cell forcefield. Tuvok enters.)
TUVOK: My mind to your mind. Your thoughts to my thoughts.
Fuck me.


The authors (Sussman and Piller), from the text provided above, thought that Betazoids were ONLY Empaths, and not just telepaths but more impressive telepaths than silly old Vulcans, because all Dee is, is an empath, but Dee is an empath because she's a gimp hobbled by her pathetic human dna. After another generation slumming it with homosapien, Her children with Riker probably won't even be able to talk with their mouths

This entire episode was flawed from the root.

Although after watching all that profiling on Criminal Minds for the last decade, comparing empathic inadequacy with sexual inadequacy is interesting to say the least, but I was already aware that was going on.

On a world of telepaths he had to be over compensating for his deficiencies with reading Micro exspressions (I miss lie to me.) and that Patrick Jane mentalist claptrap, like with how deaf people learn to read lips.
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