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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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It's convenient because it happens to be true.

The major difference between the two Uhuras is that the old one was a barely-developed extra and the current Uhura is a full-fledged character with personality traits that go beyond "she's nice" and "she's professional".
Which would still be a big difference, if it wasn't just a useful assumption.

yousirname wrote: View Post
Uhura had no right to question her posting. There could easily have been a good reason for placing her on a another ship. Besides, if you start by letting people choose their own favourite billets (no matter how "entitled" and full of their own importance they are), where will it end?
She was the most qualified candidate for the post. That certainly gives her the right to question not receiving the post. If there's a good reason for placing her on another ship (and never mind the counterfactuals: there wasn't), how is she to know that except by questioning it? Them that don't ask don't get.
And that's why I allowed that she could have done it in a less "wasn't I all that" and "didn't I do this" fashion. Isn't it possible that the assignment she first got was a better post on a "lesser" ship and thus offered better opportunities for advancement? Maybe cadets should have to work their way up a bit no matter who or how good they are? That's the problem with the younger generation, always wanting to start on the top rung. Why I remember in my day ... .

As for the alleged lack of 'niceness'... I remember Uhura's pithy "Sorry, neither" when Sulu addressed her as 'Fair maiden' in The Naked Time. To me that seems perfectly consistent with Saldana's portrayal. But others are correct to say that there wasn't very much 'Uhura Prime' to base the reinterpretation on.
No body's perfect and that situation probably wouldn't find anyone at their best, But then again, I am not saying old Unhura didn't have a varied personality, unlike some.

Pauln6 wrote: View Post
These are good points. Uhura's concern may have been that she could not show Pike how good she was in the hope of a permanent posting on board his ship.
That too is a good point. Doubtless she would have hoped to be assigned to the Enterprise. My concern is that she seemed to take it as a foregone conclusion. As you say, I don't know how realistic that is. Now perhaps if I had found it a fun interlude, I wouldn't be so concerned. But:

Overall, the scene was very simplistic and childish in its approach. It doesn't paint Spock, Uhura, or Starfleet in a particularly favourable light.
Indeed and it seems strange Spock should be given that job anyway. Wouldn't someone in personnel be handling it? Did all the first officers assign cadets however they liked or did Spock do it for every ship? Now that would be a conflict of interest!
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