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It was...okay.

That's all I can muster. Is it odd that I wish the clocks were older than 1938 and that the mythology didn't involve Christianity at all?
Were we watching the same show?

That was probably the True Cross hiding under the church, and everything else in the script was about the Christian apocalypse. Hitler wanted the powers of the Antichrist and then to change the narrative so that the end of days lasts a thousand years not just 7 like Revelations says.

The Pope had given the new apostles superpowers!

In the real world if the Pope, not that we have one right now, if the Pope selected 12 new Apostles they wouldn't magically get suer powers and in truth they'd still have trouble placing in a cosplay competition at comicon.

Last week on Supernatural, some Rabi got together in the early 1940s and made a Golem who tore down a Nazi Concentration Camp effortlessly... Why just one Golem? 6 million souls could have been saved if a thousand Golems marched on Berlin in 1940 and sacked the shit out of that city.

Did the NAZI's have supernatural antigoelm defences?

I know this seems drastic but if every Rabi could magically create a never ending supply of indestructible Golem Super Solders, in the fictional universe of Supernatural, the NAZIs didn't overreact to the Jewish Question and were right to be afraid if it was impossible for them to make friends with these people,that there was a Secret War going on that the Third Reich was th only thing standing inbetween ordinary people and the Golem horde.

After Germany was turned into a smoking pile of rubble, what would the Jews have done next, go back to their lives before the war or march on Russia and then America? I've played enough Risk with assholes drunk on power who believe all they can roll is double sixes, that' this is not a Jewish problem, it's a human being problem.

Point being is that in the Supernatural Universe, and the Zero Hour Universe, and the Indiana Jones Universe, where God is not a made up fairy story, God allowed the NAZIs and God allowed World War II because she saw value to it.
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