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Re: A Good Day to Die Hard (aka DH5): Grade, Review, Discuss---SPOILER

How can this be a Die Hard when you can't even describe it that way.

Sudden Death is Die Hard in a stadium. Under Siege is Die Hard on a boat. Under Siege 2 is Die Hard on a train. You get the idea.

And Die Hard 4 was... Die Hard on the East Coast?
And Die Hard 5 is... Die Hard in Russia?

There's already one big mistake right there.

It's then it's simply no Die Hard when the guy Willis plays is a super hero who walks away from the action scenes like nothing happened. In the original three Die Hards, he always cried at some point, he panicked, shit his pants several times, and in the end he was a physical wreck.

The guy walked on fucking glass and spent the next time crying in the bathroom.

I also hate how he simply walks (or drives) over civilians in this film. What the hell, McClane?
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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