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Re: Episode of the week: 2x03 "Elementary, Dear Data

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" In the original ending, Picard actually tricked Moriarty into thinking that he couldn't leave the holodeck when in fact he could. Gene cut the ending because he didn't want Picard to come off as deceitfu
Was this filmed, or was it changed before filming?
I believe Picard admitting he tricked Moriarty was filmed but cut after the fact.

A good fun episode that really should have been terrible. Americans doing Victorian London? We should have been knee deep in painful Dick Van Dykes (for an idea of what this episode could have been, look at the Oiiiiiiriish holodeck episodes of Voyager with their rubbish take on another part of the British Isles many Americans- or rather American TV producers- think they know really well without having anything resembling a clue).

it's helped partly by Spiner not even attempting an accent (he's ultimately just speaking in a faster more confident way than normal, though oddly Geordi doing a really bad James Mason impression actually suits the character) and Davis being, as said, really good as the villain.

Worf's costume, and his reaction to Picard's hat, is silly, but funny as well.

I do however think this is where the ball is dropped with Pulaski's character, as fun as Moriarty stuffing her with his crumpet is.

Right from the off, she's had a storyline that's clearly intended to have her be mistrustful and dismissive of Data before growing to like him. And this is effectively the big change in their relationship. She sets him a mocking challenge and he meets it with near instant success. And indeed, after this episode there's not problem between them or bulling from her to him.

But, not only does the fact that Data almost immediately solves the "Proper" mystery of the man being strangled with his wife's hair get kind of lost within the overall plot to the point viewers would be forgiven for not noticing it, Pulaski herself never seems to find it out. Indeed, after the Lastrade scene there's not another mention of this aspect of the plot as Moriarty's menace comes centre stage.

Within the episode itself that's not a huge problem as the Moriarty stuff is far more interesting, but the rest of the season treats the Pulaski/Data thing as having been resolved when it never would be properly on-screen.

There really should have been a brief scene at the end of the episode where she did apologise (or at least as close as she could get, she's not really the "I'm sorry..." type) and acknowledge he was capable of the intuative leaps she didn't believe he could achieve which would then lead to a formal thawing of their relationship. I think fandom would remember her better if there had been that pay off.
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