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I hope the Uhura one-shot focuses on her and not on her relationship with Spock - ah who am I kidding she's a girl, of course it's going to be about her love for her man.
Most likely it's about her pre-Trek XI life, just like the McCoy one was about his pre-Trek XI life and ditto the Keenser one. Although since Trek XI implied Spock and Uhura were already in a relationship, I guess it's possible this could cover how they met.

I kind of have mixed feeling of Uhura’s story because of the romance.

I am hoping the writer of this comics read the star fleet academy series as it does explain how their relationship started. The last book even implied when they first slept together.

I know the star fleet academy novels are not suppose to be canon but I still loved reading them as YA fiction.

It will be nice if the comic showed some consistency to the novels.

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