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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

The drug dust is interesting. It seems like a dangerous thing to have around, since I lot of people would probably use it like G'Kar does.
They do. If you'll recall the episode opens with a junkie reliving someone else's trauma. It's not a new thing either and has been around for a while. There's mention of dust peddling on the Europa colony when Garibaldi worked there ('Survivors') and there's a scene in the pilot movie (cut from the original broadcast) where someone tries to smuggle dust through customs. Plus of course Franklin ordered the other patient's system tested for traces of dust, so it's something they're very familiar with.

The implication at the end of the episode is that the Psi Corps created it to permanently turn mundanes into telepaths and probably enhance the strength of those already possessing psi abilities. Remember what Ironheart said in 'Mind War' about them using experimental drugs to enhance his talents? The thing is, it doesn't work very well. The effect is temporary and as Bester said, it's never produced a telepath of "acceptable strength." As for why they'd want to turn normals into teeps, well, that should be pretty self evident. By EA law, any human telepath automatically becomes Psi Corps responsibility and the more teeps there are, the less mundanes. The telepaths' main weakness has always been numbers. There's just not enough of them to fight back if suddenly the normals decide to be rid of them once and for all. I suppose in the long run the idea would have been to use it to breed out homo sapiens entierly in favour of homo superior.

Of course the real question you should take away from this episode is how can the human telepath gene be at all compatible with Narn biology?

I look forward to seeing your reactions to the next few epsiodes. Things are about to *really* kick into gear!

Londo twisting the facts about the Minbari in Vir's report to fit what he thinks was just like him.
Not quite. Londo isn't that deluded. He knows full well what the Minbari are about. What he was doing is trying to twist the facts into what he thinks the Royal Court wants to hear. There'll be more on this in an upcoming episode.
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