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I've got something proper to bitch about now, and it's a doozy. My house was broken into last night. Probably as I was typing the above, funnily enough.

They entered through the side gate (that I should have kept locked, bad Nick), broke a window, moved one of my garbage bins for no obvious reason, ignored all my computers and electronic gear thank god, rifled through my wardrobe without taking anything, and then went through my jewelry bag. And, just to add insult to injury, they ignored my collection of cufflinks, chains and my fob watch and took the bag itself. At least they had the courtesy to close the window that they entered through on the way out.

The neighbours told me that they heard noises around 12:30 last night, which is when I got home, more or less. I could be the reason they made off with next to nothing, which far from being comforting, is creeping me the hell out.

I hope the cops catch these people before I do. I am going to burn them alive.
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