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Re: Episode of the week: Where Silence Has Lease

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Also please use the tng episode of the week tag. If the thread creator doesn’t include the tag, anyone can add it later with the Edit Tags link.
I was actually going to suggest (cheekily as it wouldn't likely be me having to do the leg work) having a stickied thread with links to all the "Episode of the Week" threads so people could find them easily for all their episode specific discussion needs. I wasn't aware of the tag function (I know this may seem really, really stupid, but I think this is the first forum I've been on to have it and it never occurred to look) that does the same job with less effort. Top notch.

As for the episode itself... probably best summed up by the teaser. It's random and almost completely irrelevant... but bloody well made, slightly sinister and memorable. Everything that follows is of a similar nature, on paper not the greatest episode ever but behind the scenes everyone seems to be giving it that extra push.

It does annoy me Worf and Riker seem to basically wreck their uniforms in the work out session though, one of the sillier examples of "We wear these clothes no matter what!" which would recur throughout the show.

[I know it's likely they could easily replicate new ones or use FUTURE SCIENCE to completely repair what they're wearing, but many episodes also imply Star Fleet officers have a pride in and respect for their uniforms, you'd think dirtying and tearing them up needlessly when they could have worn more basic exercise clothes would be a big no-no).
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