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I was reading a review of this episode where someone asked if a victim would write a message out in their blood. I know this has happened in real life. The most poignant for me is one case where a dying pregnant woman left a message for her dead husband on the wall of their basement. Both she and her husband had been shot by a teenager who wanted to know what it felt like to take life. The message she left for her husband was one that had been used by her through their courtship and their marriage. The message read, "I love you".

I have a question. Who was driving the shooter's car? Did the writers forget this detail? (It's not as egregious as the one I saw in the latest CSI where the coroner determined that there was no sexual assault on a victim, but every other law enforcement character later said that the victim had been raped. It gets weirder and grosser when it's revealed that the victim's killer was her sister.)
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