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Re: More Star Wars films announced

Personally, I think the EU in general is better than any of the films. I like the original trilogy, but the best stories (Thrawn trilogy, Republic Commando books, and many others)and some of the best characters (like Mara Jade, Jaina and Anakin solo [I never really liked Jacen], and more than I can list) come from the EU. It gets some hate (for reasons I'll never understand, there is a lot of good EU and I could name many more crappy Star Trek books than I could SW books, and I've read a lot of both) but to me it is the SW universe. Plus, its apparently not dead. The next series of books is still slated for release, and nothing online has been said that Disney is stopping it, even if the comics aren't going to be published by Dark Horse in a few years. JJ Trek didn't kill the ST books, they still retain the real ST universe. The eU makes enough money to have had hundreds of books (and comic books). Even if JJ destroys the SW universe, I don't see Disney stoping or resetting the EU (even if stuff in the new movies contradict it). If we can still get ST books following the real universe, the EU will keep going as long as it makes money. Since I'm sure the new SW movie will be as bad as JJTrek, the eU will continue to be the only good SW.

That said, even though I'm pretty sure SW7 will suck, it would be nice to see Ford (and Hamil and Fisher, if they came back). At least then we'd be guarenteed to have a few decent actors in the movie.
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