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Re: Why no Maquis flashbacks?

No, however so accurate, that's what Chakotay or B'Elanna said.

Lon Suder was so completely nonplussed by his murder spree, that one, he thought he could just go back to work and two, he probably forgot about it before the blood dried on his hands.

It's like on Tank Girl when that guard told Tank Girl hand cuffed to the wall that she was going to give him a blow job and if he feels any teeth that he was going to use the bowie knife in his right hand to open her neck up... half a second in she's snapped his neck with her legs and she says "What?! What did I do? What did I do?" Because the other guards were upset and pointing guns at her.

(I just had a laughing fit remembering Ice-T claiming to have been reincarnated from a Cop.)

What Suder actually said was "He looked at me funny."

Which is crazy talk.

Until you remember that Suder is a fricking telepath!

Kathryn's overreaction was born of racist ignorance because she can't understand the difference between someone looking at you funny, and someone's bare naked contemptuous soul looking at you funny.

Suder could have defended himself better (premeld) but he though Janeway was too much of an asshole to waste his breath when he COULD SEE INTO HER MIND WITH TOTAL CLARITY TO KNOW SHE HAD PREJUDICIALLY MADE UP HER STEEL TRAP MIND ABOUT HIM... And there was nothing he could do to sway her.
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