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Re: popular culture?

Okay, but even TOS sometimes used the central story and characters of Star Trek to explore important topics. E.g. "Who mourns for Adonis?" dealt with religion and ancient superstitions. Kirk's parting line to Apollo was pretty forward for 1960's TV. "Let that be your last battlefield" obviously dealt with racial tensions during the Civil Rights struggle. "Bread and Circuses" was a send up of media culture. "A piece of the action", well that dealt with, hmm, I'm not sure what it dealt with beyond the old gangster dramas of the 1930s. And I don't even want to get into "Spock's Brain." I think Roddenberry used TNG to go even further.

"Okay, you've rationalized your economy to the point where you have no unemployment, poverty or depressions. But that means you don't understand those who do." Ralph Offenhouse to Capt. Picard -- Debtor's Planet (a ST:TNG novella).
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