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I have decided to put the old man into hospice care. I’ve been going over the Power Of Attorney and it looks like I might have the option of taking him off of food and water if it becomes needed. I would rather he die in two weeks than have him suffer for the next 6 months to a year while his cancer eats away at him. I’ll have to talk to the people who help me with his estate to make sure.
Anyway back to the fun stuff.
I thought that since this is an older ship I would take a shot at doing something closer to the original bussard collectors. Since I’ve always failed at doing something like that I had to use a texture that someone else made. I don’t remember who did this one but I’ll try and find out who did.

More detail to the saucer. I added windows to the back and started to put together the phaser turrets.

Just a shot to show the new windows by the bridge. I think they might be a little deeper than the other windows but I’m ok with that. Most of the work I need to do now is windows to the saucer rim and grid lines. Then I’ll start thinking about detailing the shuttle bay and maybe adding rooms behind the windows.
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