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Re: Star Trek Toys of the 1970s

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Other than providing an allowance my father didn't help me with my role-playing (back then we just called it, "let's pretend"). Obviously, I was not inventive enough to attach a clip to the communicator on my own or even consider the idea. Maybe I thought such would "ruin" the look; I can't remember.

I think the one thing that disappointed Kyle and I about the "Exploration Set" kit was the single unit aspect of the Type II phaser construction. We had hoped the Type I "pocket" element could be removed from the pistol grip section for those more diplomatic landing parties. We were certainly not skilled enough to cut awy the "pocket" phaser's features from the larger pieces and block in the gaping holes. So we just "beamed" onto the ""planet" armed to the teeth all the time.
You guys really captured the experience of role playing Trek in the 1970's; it was a great time, and no matter how inaccurate the toys were.

I remember attending a convention in the early 70's and was amazed to see one of the many custom, life-size Phasers for sale. It was a then-whopping $150.00 (which was mind blowing when my frame of reference for Phaser value was the Exploration Set), but the grip was not even close to being accurate, as it was shaped like three tubes taped together, and the emitter was too thick.

Still, it was a great experience looking at something that was sort of close to the series prop. Imagine a kid getting that as gift back in the day?!?
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