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Re: Why no Maquis flashbacks?

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Conflict would have been interesting but you still have the uselessness of the Maquis agenda waaaay off in the Delta quadrant.
That's it, right there. That far out, there is no such thing as Maquis, and it would be pointless to argue otherwise. Chakotay's not stupid, he knows that as well as anyone. And the rest of the Maquis would do what he says. If Chakotay doesn't argue, then none of them do, either.

That wouldn't have mattered if they'd filled the Maquis ranks with people who would never fit in with Starfleet and then had to do something with them, but we didn't get that.
Lon Suder? He was obviously not Starfleet material, in fact he freely admitted he joined the Maquis only because he likes to kill.
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