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Wow! That's very impressive. You're very skilled with the human face and its features.

Is this in your personal collection or one you're considering selling? We have sidewalk arts and crafts festivals and city-sponsored art shows that would eat something like this up.
Thank you. I don't know about selling him. I'm very fond of him and he took rather a long time. However...things are tight. I have thought about selling on the street before. I very seriously considered it when I was unemployed, actually.

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That's terrific! What's really great about it is that most people won't even know it's Star Trek Wesley Crusher inspired, as it has more of a 80's retro look about it. And then those that know TNG will definitely get it.

Oh and I can only imagine how today's Will Wheaton would kill to have that kind of waistline.
Yes! I love that about it!

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That's one of my paintings:

Seriously terrific work there, TSQ. Is that watercolor, pastel, or something else?
Thanks. It's oil on canvass.

The Enterprise is my TARDIS.
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