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Re: Do you think the Enterprise D was going to be renamed anyway?

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I think the only other issue with this theory is that the conversation on the destroyed bridge of the D between Picard and Riker made it clear they did not know anything about a new Enterprise, (do you think they'll build another? Or something to that effect).
"Do you think they'll build another?" was Beverly's line in First Contact after she, Worf and Picard activated the self destruct. In Generations, Riker said he thought he'd "have a crack at this chair [the -D's captain's chair] one day". Picard replied "Somehow I doubt this will be the last ship to carry the name Enterprise."

IU, it could be interpreted that Picard already knew an existing ship would be renamed Enterprise (who knows for how long the crew were salvaging components and photo albums -- a quick chat with a friendly admiral could have lead to a new name being slapped on a Sovereign-class ship that's having the final touches put to it in spacedock). As for all of the command staff transferring to the E, surely that is the captain's prerogative?

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