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Re: More Star Wars films announced

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It was more due to the difficulties of walking around in the Darth Vader suit. It was very uncomfortable and unwieldy from all accounts of those who have worn it.
I agree completely. Which is why I think that seeing suited up Vader fight in Episode III would have been a nice touch.

I totally understand the difference between the OT and the PT; they are made in different eras, different technologies and capabilities. The OT was a more cerebral set of films due to that. The nice thing about the fights we saw was the characters interacting with dialogue instead of just fighting for 10 minutes. Thus you get different styles of fights. But I still think the actual swordplay in the OT was pedestrian compared to what was possible.

Was Mark Hamil loose with the lightsaber because Luke was a novice with the Force? Or was it because Mark Hamil sucks with the lightsaber prop?
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