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Re: Looking for Avatar Help? Check here!

Posted by Three:

- Do you have to register?
- Is it just a trial version?
- If you don't register, will it put a wierd symbol in the corner like so:

2) If Microsoft GIF animator does put a wierd symbol on stuff, could somebody recommend a GIF animator that doesn't, is free, and won't expire?

3) My GIF images are always real grainy. Some on this board look quite nice. How do you get a more polished effect?
This link should work ok. And these tutorial links, here and here also should work.

As to your questions:

1) No, to all.
2) See answer 1.
3) Hard to say, as you may be doing things differently than everyone else. Try converting .jpg images to .gif before resizing them, if you're using .jpg's for your animation, that is. Also, try a different form of 8-bit conversion when converting .jpg's to .gif format, as you can get better looking results by using one method over another.
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