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Re: Galileo Restoration Update - Jan 2012

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VFX artists no longer need to worry about props that are "too big" to move around the set conveniently.

For those who may not realize it, the spaceship in the back yard is a CGI model created in Blender, which can also match-move the handheld camera.
That is SO COOL! I've seen some Blender work like this before, but it was always at a distance. I'd not seen an example of walking up close to the thing, as if it were actually there, shadows and lighting in sync with the surroundings. Is it hard to learn how to do this? I take it the Blender software just incorporates the 3D model that is made in a compatible format in modeling software like Modo. What are some other reasonably priced choices out there that you'd think are suitable?
EDIT: Ah, just found your "how you did it" video.

What did you do to create those reflections on the side windows of the ship? I think that's what kind of "clinches" the realism. You're right, the shadows below are a little too dark, but that's easily corrected. Would would really be cool is if you could put a small set of steps to a little platform with a chair, and make it look like you've entered the craft and sat down at the controls. I'm guessing since the ship overlays the house and ground, it can also overlay a physical prop, like a stepped platform, so you can create the illusion of going inside the ship. It would probably be tricky to make it match the virtual flooring, but with a little tweaking I'm sure it could be done.
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