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Re: nBSG: Michael Trucco's Accident and Anders' Storyline

^ I believe that you are correct about him filming a few episodes after the accident in which the actor appears OK and is walking around (I did just read that he did make a good recovery from an injury that apparently was something like the injury that Christopher Reeves had.).

I guess I am wondering if the accident triggered an idea in the writer's minds about having an injury happen to Anders that would dovetail into the developing story line. It is probably not too likely to find out if this is the case- not sure how much is out there that has been written about the 'creative process' (Ha Ha....)they went through to write the final episodes to wrap up the show.

Thank you for your thoughts, Sindatur. I think we have satisfied my own question whether the production had to put Truccio into the Tub because he was an injured actor who -nevertheless- still wished to be part of the final episodes.
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