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Re: Am I the only one who likes wesley?

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I've long had a theory about Wesley and TNG. That it was really supposed to be 'his' journey. The series begins with him being something of an audience identification figure, with plots revolving around his rise through the ranks, his first ever 'official' away mission, etc. And one of the last episodes in the very last season is all about him leaving Starfleet, giving a nicely circular sense to his story.

I mean, TNG was always an 'ensemble' drama. But like him or not, Wesley clearly was always supposed to be a 'focus' character, and he is exactly that. A focus. Particularly in the early seasons.

(Does it sound like I'm trying very hard to find nice things to say about him? )
I agree that S1 was the Picard and Wesley show. And I'll admit that I actually kind of liked it!

But, unlike others, I would have enjoyed the "Picard is Wes' dad" plot that they seemed to possibly be setting up in S1. Anything to make characters look like real people and not perfected caricatures of reality.
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