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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

I definitely liked this episode more than last week's. I thought Britta was pretty much the same as last season too. And she did play the incompetent therapist in a few of the episodes last season. One of my favorite parts of the show in the past have been the verbal sparring between Jeff and Britta. We got a little of that last night and I thought it wasn't bad, but was still not up to some of their best dust ups in the past. In any case, Britta is looking mighty fine this season.

They definitely appear to be isolating Peirce from the rest of the characters.

Troy is a virgin? I didn't know that.

I kinda wish I wasn't even aware of the change in the showrunner. It is little like being spoiled. I wonder if Dan Harmon has seen the first two eisodes? I would LOVE to hear his reviews.
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