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Re: IOC adds golf and drops wrestling from the Olympics

I really don't care either way. Never really watched wrestling or golf myself. Golf is just too boring. As for wrestling, I never really had an interest in it anyway, but....

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The other biggest problem wrestling has had in the second half of the 20th century to now is that its not as sexy to watch on TV (where the big money is) for your average viewer as most other sports are because most people don't know the rules and in a fast pace sport like wrestling if you haven't done it yourself and don't know the rules it just comes off like men grabbing each other and rolling around.
I think that last part nails it. Most of the other Olympic sports that I can think of are pretty simple to understand. Sure, there are occasional calls and such that the layperson won't understand, but they still "get" most of what's going on.
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