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Re: Anyone here play REAL RPGs face to face with paper and dice?

I used to and I still would if it weren't for the time requirement. Sadly, D&D (etc) is an all nighter - it takes hours to set up the characters. Once we're bashing monsters in the dungeon it's fun but too much setup. Not sure if other RPG's have this problem or not.

The recent solution my play groups and I have been enjoying- Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition. The mechanics are quite simplified from that of D&D and the setup takes about 20 minutes. We are usually bashing monsters on turn 1, and they have map tiles and figurines to make the experience more tactile, but it's essentially a 'dungeon crawler' in a box with all the components to make it a familiar experience. I highly recommend - especially if your play group can only spare 1-3 hours at a time!!
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