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Re: Spielberg, Hanks and HBO's grudge against the Navy persists...

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I actually just finished reading The Admirals, which is a biography of the 4 Five-Star Admirals during the war, Leahy, Halsey, Nimitz and King. A miniseries based upon that book, and their lives would be extremely interesting.
It would be but it will never happen. Halsey was in action, but the other three... spending the war in planning meetings and staff conferences isn't going to translate well to the screen.
I don't know about that - The West Wing had lots of incredible drama scenes in the Situation Room.

Granted, one wouldn't want to see twelve episodes of only that, but I can definitely picture a miniseries of, say, four three-episode arcs, say, about admirals, a sub crew, a convoy, a squad of carrier-based pilots... with the admiral eps serving as relatively cheap "bottle" shows to offset the cost of showing full-on naval battles.
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