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Re: The 11-foot TOS Enterprise model-

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As for Ed, he was working as a bit of a contractor when he built the Cardassian Galor Class ship, and was always an ILM'er rather than a Star Trek employee.
Interesting. Perhaps that had some bearing on the unnecessary details added to the 1701?

As for The team thus far, (and believe me NO ONE on this planet wants to see this model restored properly more than me) Doug and Mike have my compleat confidence as technical advisors. They may have started on Star Trek after TOS wrapped, but their research into TOS and their access to archival material relating to TOS is second to none. Additionally, we've spoken to Gary and while somewhat gun shy when it comes to the 11 footer, will be available with his research when we get off the ground. As for the physical resto team, we'll be looking to the incomparable Steve Neill (his scratch built six footer is the best existing model of the original series Enterprise is the best existing example of what that ship should look like on this planet) and hope to have Greg Jein work his magic. (His two week wonder T&T Enterprise is fondly remembered by everyone in the group). Rest assured the Enterprise will be in the very capable hands of people who love her and want to see her stabilized, and restored properly.
Good luck, and I hope you and team are successful in giving this artifact of culture the proper restoration to its 1960s state.
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