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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Dust to Dust - I'm glad Sheridan told off the security guard who was harrasing a guy for sedition. The large number of mindless idiots on the B5 staff need to get put in their place more often. It was neat the see Vir. I liked seeing Koenig again. He's great as Bester. Ivanova's plan for Bester would probably have been the best thing in the long run, too bad sheridan stopped her. That said, using the Minbari telepaths, and making Bester take the supression drugh, was a good alternative. I liked Bester's comment about Talia's "debreifing and dissect....examination" The drug dust is interesting. It seems like a dangerous thing to have around, since I lot of people would probably use it like G'Kar does. I hadn't really thought about narn telepaths, but hearing they were all killed wasn't surprising. I never noticed before that Koenig is pretty short, atleast compared to Garibaldi. Bester and garibaldi's scenes were great. Both the interrogation and catching the drug maker had great moments from both of them.

Londo twisting the facts about the Minbari in Vir's report to fit what he thinks was just like him. G'Kar's attack was pretty freaky. He really messed up Londo. I liked seeing some of Londo's memories. G'Kar in Londo's head was interesting. Seeing into G'Kar's head was also cool. I wonder why Kosh messed with G'Kar. I don't think he really cares what happens to Londo. Still, now that he's had a talk with him, I hope that G'Kar is eventually let into the group. He got off really easily for the attack, though. Sixty days in jail for a drug fueled rampage doesn't seem like much, especially since he attacked the Centauri ambassador (I'd think the centauri would probably do something evil to some Narn civilians as punishment, even though G'Kar didn't kill Londo). Still, I'm not complaining. I don't want G'Kar in jail for too long, it just seems like he got off easily. In the end, of course the Psi Corps were behind the creation of dust. Creating a dangerous drug is just another in the list of evil things the group has done. Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. Bester was great, G'Kar was great. It was very entertaining, and it didn't have too much political stuff (and what it did have was great, sheridan telling off the security guard).
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