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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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Now the bored look on Dr. Piper's face really makes sense.
That's exactly what I was thinking--thanks for noticing.

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Here's a judgement call:

McCoy wore an engineering insignia on his short-sleeve uniform in "Obsession" and Scotty had a sciences insignia on his red shirt in "The Lights of Zetar." Should CBS have corrected them?

These were accidents, not the intention of the producers.

On the other hand, some of us might take a little joy in being able to spot things like this, and consider them part of the show's true fabric (in much the way that an imperfection in Spock's ears would be part of STAR TREK's actual make-up).

And another one:

Should the incredibly beautiful Dr Ann Mulhall be put into a blue uniform with a sciences patch? It would right a technical wrong, but it wouldn't look as good! This is a conundrum. I suspect (help me out here) that her make-up and lighting may have been done with the red uniform in mind. So, take her out of that dress and what have you got?
While notable mistakes for the Trek fanatic, it's a wash for the majority of people. I wouldn't have noticed those mistakes, not now, not ever. I don't look for such things with a fine tooth comb. I guess it's tempting to do this with blu-ray revealing so much more detail, but when you watch an episode so many times that you practically know the dialog, you then can wander off and stare at the surroundings of each shot for all it reveals. You are going to find mistakes like this in ANY TV series where a certain degree of consistency is supposed to be shown (like the insignia of uniforms, whether they be modern day police or futuristic soldiers). Trying to fix it all would not be cost productive. I wouldn't expect it to have been done, nor frown upon the TOS-R producers for having left in those mistakes.

What bugs me is when they change things that previously worked and make them wrong, like the blue laser shooting out of the obelisk in "The Paradise Syndrome" being changed to red... as someone else pointed out, making it look like someone tried to be creative at the expense of accuracy.
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