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Re: My "Just Saw Insurrection For the First Time" Review.

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Non-interference is the rule unless and until someone asks for help. If the Ba'ku sent out a general distress call while being attacked or forcibly moved by the So'na, the Federation would have more than adequate justification to intervene.
The Federation Council would seem to disagree after refusing to get involved in the Klingon Civil War until outside influence was found.

Since they're the same race and are fighting over resources, I can't see the Prime Directive being interpreted as anything other than "the Ba'ku are on their own".
Them being the same race was not generally known outside the So'na and the Ba'ku.
Actually the Ba'ku weren't aware of who the So'na really were until Picard told them.

The Federation didn't get involved in the Klingon Civil War because it was primarily an issue of political succession
Plus by staying out of it the federation was probably doing Gowron a favor, I mean it kind of looks bad if your installed into power by a Starfleet captain even though your predecessor thought it was a good idea, but having that done and then Starfleet coming in to fight a faction thats against your installment on your behalf just screams Federation puppet government.

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Methinks the Federation would be happy to smack around a known Dominion collaborator for picking on the inhabitants of a backwater planet in Federation territory, though!
Hell the Propaganda opportunity alone would probably be worth.

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The "it's the only way" excuse has always been a hard pill to swallow and seemed a plot convenience at best. This is the Star Trek where the magical aptitude exceeds the combined wizardry of Gandalf, Dumbledore, and Gene Simmons ten-fold.

It makes and breaks planets on a whim. Surely, extracting some uber fairy dust from planetary rings should be child's play.
Hell they could probably replicate the radiation particles if given a couple of months to study it maybe a few years tops. I mean these are the people who once invented a device makes freaking planets from nebulas and it wasn't even designed to do that (which is probably the real reason said planet exploded). Not to mention they already figured out ho to make the transporter de-age and re-age people under certain circumstances so making a fountain of youth should be a freaking cakewalk.
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