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Re: Russia reports amazing meteorite strike

I'd recently learned about this dash-cam phenomenon in Russia, due to so many accidents taking place where each person claims the other was at fault. The dash-cams help make it clearer as to who was really at fault. I wonder if in the long run it'll bring a little more order to their roads.

Anyway, it meant for a terrific spread of videos capturing this meteorite impact event. Really fantastic and unprecedented. RussiaToday has a decent montage in one 2.5 minute video.

What's really alarming is that the asteroid expected to pass by Earth this afternoon at some mere 17,000 miles away would have hit the Earth if our orbit around the sun was just 15 minutes behind! That's so damned marginal it's scary as all hell. Who's to say that those 15 minutes will be made up on the next fly-by, making it an impact instead some 30 years from now?
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