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Re: nBSG: Michael Trucco's Accident and Anders' Storyline

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I have read that Michael Trucco was injured in a car accident in 2007. I am assuming that, although he was able to continue in his role on nBSG, his spinal injury prevented him from acting and moving at his full potential and that is why he went into the 'Tub'. (Maybe I am wrong on this last assumption-- I do not know).

I am assuming that the actor's unfortunate injury may have given one/some of the writers an idea of how to shape the course of the developing revelations of the story of the Final Five.

I get the idea that the 'resolution' and ending of the series kind of got made up as they went along towards the end. Has anyone ever heard if there had been a plot line they were following initially that got abandoned in favor of using Anders as they did?
He had full mobility in V remake in 2010, so, if he lost any mobility from the accident, it wasn't very long. Also, if the accident occurred in 2007, there would be BSG episodes filmed after his accident, where he wasn't in the tub, I believe. Also, sitting in/gettng in (and out of) that tub like that, most likely wouldn't be very comfortable for someone with a crippling back injury
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