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Re: a 198'' model of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A

Enterprise A. Deciding which version of the A was very difficult. I prefer the bridge from the Final Frontier, for the same reasons Patrickvan mentioned, but the Hangar deck from Enterprise Refit. What to do? An easy solution would be to pretend that it's Enterprise somewhere in time after installing that version of the bridge(TFF) module but before changing the hangar deck. Practical but far from being canon.

At that scale, i intend to make figurines to act as crew. They would be over an inch tall. The uniform came to play a big part in the decision. For the time being it's TFF version, even it means the later version of the shuttle deck. Eventually, if time permits (if i don't die of old age before completing this project ha!) I would very much like to build all variants.

ideas and suggestions are very much welcomed
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