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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

I guess as a life-long TOS fan (I'm 48 and one of my first memories is of the Mugatu), I'm comfortable with what they did. My internal filter was the question:

"If this technology had been available in 1966-69, is this a shot they would've used at that time?"

Clearly, it's possible to go the other way. The noteworthy thing about ST2009 is its embracing of modern CGI.

If they'd done that with TOS-R, I'd've disliked it. It's fine for the new incarnation to be more visual and more fluid with its effects. It would totally violate anything like the spirit of the original.

This rather touches on an aspect of things, which is how standards have changed:

When TOS aired, it was an action-adventure show in a sci-fi context. And it really was an action show. Kirk getting into a fist-fight as shown on the show was legitimately thrilling to audiences of the day.

ST2009 is an action-adventure movie in a sci-fi context. For the modern era, it really is an action movie. Kirk getting into a fist-fight as shown in the movie is legitimately thrilling to audiences today.

TOS-R could have chosen to go the ST2009 route and make the new shots visually exciting by modern standards. They didn't, and for me it works.

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