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Re: Which CBS owned cable channel?

CBS is buying AXS because they are interested in live events (because they are more DVR proof and therefore more lucrative for ads than scripted TV.)

CBS Corporation (NYSE: CBS) announced today that it has partnered with AXS TV, the leading television network dedicated to broadcasting live events from the worlds of music and pop culture.


“CBS is happy to provide AXS TV with live event content as the basis of this partnership,” said Moonves. “This is an innovative way to use our tentpole programming to gain more ownership in the cable network business. AXS TV will now serve as a terrific complement to our existing broadcast television entertainment programming.”
Star Trek would be DVRed to the max, which is why it needs to be moved out of the ad-based ecosystem. Some kind of subscription service would work better for it.

This is just the cananry in a coal mine. All ad-based TV is moving towards live events to lessen the appeal of DVR use.
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