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Re: Things you'd like to say at work from time to time, but hesitate!

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"Why did you do that? Who even told you to do that?"
"I wrote instructions for a reason. You were supposed to read them."
"So, rather than read the email I sent you that more than adequately answers your question, you're just going to ask it again?"
"I am not an expert on every single tool and program we use here. Figure it out for yourself."
"I'm sorry to hear the program is 'not working.' I'm even more sorry that you didn't bother to explain what you mean by 'not working,' because that means I can't help you even one fucking bit."
The classic way to see if someone follows instructions is :-

1.>Read this in full before starting.

List of steps

last step>Ignore everything above and do it like this.

Can catch quite a few people out.
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