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... one man who commits criminal acts in the belief he's defending the Federation seems to spend an unusual time fixated on a space station located outside the Federation, following its commanding officer and security officer, infecting the security officer with a genocidal disease, trying to recruit its medical officer, and blackmailing the flag officer that the station's captain reports to....
One man acting at the focal point of conflict is far easier to believe than a criminal conspiracy spread throughout the Federation. Remember what Ben Franklin said -

Benjamin Franklin wrote:
Three can keep a secret, if two are dead.
How does one keep a cabal larger than three secret for centuries? It's not possible.

Besides, Sloan fixating on DS9 is no harder to believe nor any more uncommon than a nigh-omnipotent being fixating on the senior staff of a Galaxy-class ship until dropping them for the captain of an Intrepid-class ship a few years later. For some reason, the crews that get TV shows end up attracting villains; I can't imagine why....
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