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Re: :sigh: first 'apocalypse' of 2013 closing in.

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However, given the close pass of Asteroid 2012 DA 14 tonight, I find myself unable not to see a connection which our current science is unable to explain.
2012 DA14 is approaching Earth from the south while the meteor that hit Russia today approached from the direction of the sun and hit the northern hemisphere. Adding to that, they're over 12 hours apart, which is tens of thousands of kilometres in astronomical terms. The two objects were on considerably different orbits.

EDIT: Here's a graph that demonstrates the difference in their approaches.

Worse, the stupid movie "Armageddon" from 1998 claimed that the asteroid would be pushing meteroid debris ahead of it.
When the tsunami hit Japan in 2011 and brought unprecedented destruction, did you worry that the neutrinos had mutated?
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