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Something that's bothered me in the past few years is that it seems people younger than me are much less computer literate than I was at their age. Whereas computers were new and novel to me as a kid, meaning it took some effort to learn how to use them well, it seems like their ubiquity and ease of use has led the next generation to take them for granted and not really understand how to use them beyond some very, very basic use cases.
Same here! Okay, my 13 y.o. son frequently *facepalms* at me when I don't know what he's talking about when he's talking about gaming, and assumes I don't understand computers. I've tried frequently (to no avail) to impress upon him that at his age, I was programming my own games! Of course, whenever he has a problem because something isn't working, and his repeated clicking the same thing over and over doesn't fix it, who does he turn to for help?
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