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The Catholic Church considers the Pope a perfect successor to Saint Peter... infallible. A perfect person, even a Saint, should be willing to die for the cause of Christ. Ratzinger did NOT do that
Sorry, that's absolutely wrong. Successor to Peter, yes. Perfect more so than Peter was. Remember him? Denied Jesus three times? Yeah, that Peter. As for infallibility, that's only under certain specific circumstances, none of which apply to a 14-year-old seminarian.

Sector 7, Jan is correct. Infallibility means that the pope does not err when he speaks ex cathedra (in his official/public capacity), defining some doctrine of faith or morals. And there are some limitations even within that.

Infallibility has nothing to do with perfection as a person, or with anything unofficial that the pope says. Benedict himself has pointed out that his books -- some written after he became pope -- are not infallible or even church dogma, just the opinions of a theologian.

Also, some courageous people's standing up for their principles/beliefs, even at the risk of death, doesn't mean that the natural human instinct isn't to preserve one's life. Part of why we admire martyrs is that they have chosen the less instinctive, more difficult way.

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