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Re: William Shatner Calls J.J. Abrams "a Pig" for Hogging Both Star Tr

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like most jokes there is some kernel of truth...
Who told you that? 'Taint so and ain't the point.
Oh, I beg to differ my friend. The Shat is annoyed with JJ, no doubt in my mind.
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No he's not.

Honestly, I doubt he ever wanted a part in any Abrams film. He's having too much fun hanging with the fans and making docs.
There is a big difference between a joke and an insult.
Shatner went way beyond the former into the territory of the latter.

That said, I'm not surprised his fans are trying to excuse his words; inevitably, the excuses are transparently feeble.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton
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