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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

Yea, it would be a refreshing change to be surprised by a Regeneration.

I watched Classic Who on PBS, before this new fangled Internet thing, and didn't know a thing about what was coming in the next episode (Or even when new episodes would stop). So, every episode (That was new to me) was a surprise. I remember the 3 Doctors, The 5 Doctors and The 2 Doctors all were a surprise to be multi-Doctor Specials as were all the Regenerations). Even having seen the first Tom Baker, Pertwee's Rgeneration came as a surprise, since Pertwee hadn't been shown for the first time until after Baker had aired several times, and Davison had aired. Likewise, having seen Pertwee's first, Troughton's Regeneration came as a Surprise.
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