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Re: What were they thinking? AVENGERS style TREK

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Kira and Seven what with their relentless confrontational, 'tough-chic' and stiff personas, this is an example of how not have female characters on the big screen.

It is unconvincing, unlikable and unappealing and causes needless attrition to the viewer.
So, your argument essentially is that "strong women" are off-putting, because men can't handle women who don't just roll over and meekly accept everything the big, strong men tell them to do?
Is that what he's saying?

Do you realize how sexist that sounds?
Does it? I had a lot of the same problems with many of the female characters, particularly on DS9. "Tough chicks" as conceived by an all-male writing staff can indeed result in stiff and implausible characters. Then there were the "lipstick lesbians" of DS9's version of the Mirror Universe, who seemed to exist mainly because someone wanted to see Kira put the moves on Dax. "Intendent Kira" represented the conflation of homosexuality with general wickedness on a nearly Harkonnen level. Are you sure there's no stereotyping or sexism going on there?

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