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^Adorable! Slightly disconcertingly bloody-looking, but adorable!
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So, my sister knitted this for me. And it is fucking amazing and profoundly nerdy. Here I am modeling it, be awed the wonder that is The Wesley Sweater:

Oh my gods, that is the best knitted shirt ever! Made even better by the adorable model

How much are she selling these for? I might actually have to buy one. And I'm not usually a fan of knitted stuff.
Prices will vary a lot depending on size and how long it takes her to make them. Depending on the complexity of the pattern and the price of the materials used her custom sweaters normally go for $100-$300. Seriously, let me know if you're interested!

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I could never never never be that close to Wesley. You do know he was a child, right?
So was I when TNG was on!

The Enterprise is my TARDIS.
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