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Re: Missing episode recoveries history

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Going by the timeline we're not due to find another until 2015-2019. It's surreal now to imagine them erasing even master copies of that stuff but it was a different mindset.
It is all about technology. At the time there wasn't the space to save everything on TV. VHS wasn't around till 1975 and took years before it could be used for recording things. DVD wasn't around till the early 90s. And putting things on a hard drive is really new. That's really the biggest advance we have in saving TV. You can basically download anything that is on TV now. Back then you had to have everything recorded on actual film reels. Fact is there wasn't enough space for this type of thing. So some shows were put on the cutting block. SFDebris has a commentary that is well worth watching on this. We can think of Doctor Who in a different way because we are fans.

Star Trek wasn't completely saved from this. The Cage was thought to be completely lost till the late 80s. The first 10 years of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show are gone. Many early sports events in America aren't around anymore.

Finding episodes at this point is extremely hard unless we find out there were a lot more film technicians that were Doctor Who fans. Which we've found 2 in the last decade so you never know.
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