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Re: The 11-foot TOS Enterprise model-

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Our goal is to self fund (through donations and hopefully a single donor) a private restoration carried out ONLY by people who have worked directly for the STAR TREK art department.
The previous "restoration" was carried out by Ed Miarecki "who worked directly for the Star Trek art department" (other Starfleet ships in Wolf 359 graveyard scene in TNG's BoBW), so I fail to see how that could possibly qualify.

The other name that instantly comes to my mind is Mike Okuda. Sorry for being blunt, but I fail to see why Mike Okuda should qualify.

First, TOS has never been his strong suit, in my humble, personal and biased opinion.
Second, his time and competence is needed for the TNG restoration project.
Third, Mike was involved in the TOS-R project, whose CGI Enterprise was based entirely on the way she looked, after Ed was done with her. Apparently he didn't object according to the TOS-R documentaries, so I'm sorry to say but strongly feel Mike Okuda should not be put in charge of this project.

Seeing the name list, the one name that immediately caught my attention is Doug Drexler. Though I'm not a fan of his Enterprise cutaway he did for "In A Mirror, Darkly", he is the one who actually went to the NASM in December 1976, had access to the Smithsonian documentation and took several close-up pictures of the, then, original condition the Enterprise was still in.

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