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Reorganizing Starfleet

I am working on a series of fanfictions and I want to reorganize Starfleet. So far I have Starfleet set up like this:

Starfleet Divisions
Exploratory Operations (XO) – They use the standard star trek cruisers. They are not set up in specific sectors like SO. They are set up based on whatever issues and areas are important at the time. Starfleet Exploratory Operations is housed on Earth.

Strategic Operations (SO) – This is the Starfleet military, they have huge capitol ships. This is housed on Andoria.
Intelligence – they have some specialized ships but they mostly work with Strategic operations

Emergency Operations (EO) – They have a fleet focused on medical ships and engineering
Corp of Engineers – Repair/recovery, housed on Bolias
Medical – Dealing with massive illnesses and cross species illnesses. This is housed on Denobula.

Logistical Operations (LO) – They handle supply, freighters, general transport, and Starbases. This is housed on Tellar.

Now I have an idea that different groups would do rotations through other services such as Security and Command doing a rotation through Strategic Operations, Operations doing a rotation through Emergency Operations, Doctors would do a rotation through Starfleet Medical, etc. But also make it so that maybe ensigns have to do a rotation through all of them. I was thinking that Logistical Operations would be a good place to learn ship handling.

This would mean that some services would have more lower ranks and some would have higher. For example ships with Exploritory Services would need to be staffed with more experienced crews so they would probably have more Lt. and almost no Ltjg or Ensigns. Also the NCOs would be of higher rank on XO ships than on other services.

I was thinking that they would want a Captain of Strategic Operations to have experience in Exploritory Operations so that they would have more experience with unusual situations and strange aliens.

Basically I was thinking that before they hit Admiral they should have served in each one of the services twice.

I am trying to work out more details but does anyone have any suggestions or ideas for this?
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