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Re: Bajoran Militia and training.

Was it that people were serving provisionally until elections were held? But elections were held at least by the third season of DS9, supposedly more than three years after the Occupation! Surely that's long enough to establish a real government.
But at that point, the government indeed ceased to be referred to as "provisional".

What was the relationship between Bajoran refugees and their government?
Never really explained. That would have been an interesting subject, considering TNG made a big deal of the mass exodus of Bajorans. When the refugees of "Ensign Ro" returned, what did they find? Were their old homes waiting for them? Or had they been appropriated by others? Nationalized by the provisional government? How many chose not to return?

Im guessing that the Spiritual leaders probaly helped to organize things.
For all we know, the Bajoran government is a spiritual one, and the Vedek Council is the main executive element there. Even Bajoran "Ministers" might be clergymen, and Shakaar would be the one modernist exception to that... Unless he were a clergyman from a religious caste by birth, too?

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