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Believe me Elim it's better to fail and force yourself to work hard and master the subject and resit the exam, than it is to score an easy 99.9% and come away none the wiser (none the smarter?)

My rant isn't a rant so much as a pet peeve. I hate it when people misuse their facebook names to advertise their beliefs or products or companies or other things that are not their names.

John GoMagpies Citizen
Jane MelbourneMcDonalds Doe

and so forth.

It's especially annoying when they use the names of sports starts they admire, because their names are names, and it's hard to tell what's what.

Danielle Didak Person, or Jim Taz Parsons

Somehow or other I have allowed these people onto my friends list, and they sit there gathering mildew and forcing me to post-process their screen names, which is a really great way to annoy me. I could clean them out, but I'm really sentimental about my friends list. Besides their crime isn't worth a facebook death sentence. It's just annoying.
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